Our Meniscus Tear Solutions

  • Regenerative Medicine: The stem cell treatment process involves extracting regenerative cells from the patient’s body and then injecting the cells directly into the affected area of the meniscus. The cells can transform into the type of cell necessary for healing. The addition of platelet rich plasma (PRP) can increase the effectiveness of the cell repair work by amplifying the activity of the regenerative cells. Stem cell treatment is a safe alternative to surgery since the procedure will only use the stem cells and platelets from the patient’s own body. This means that anybody, regardless of their age, could undergo stem cell treatment.
  • Pain Management: a cortisone injection into the inflamed meniscus may reduce pain and accelerate the rehabilitation.
  • Chiropractic: Chiropractic management utilizes manual therapy, joint mobilizations and therapeutic exercise in an effort to diminish pain and inflammation, promote healing, improve strength, enhance flexibility and control functional stresses.
  • Physical Therapy: range of motion exercises, hip/knee/ankle strengthening, flexibility and stretching exercises, joint and soft tissue mobilization, balance training, modalities.

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