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Performance Rehabilitation & Regenerative Medicine

Our Story

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Creating an integrated model for non-surgical orthopedic care has been an evolutionary and revolutionary endeavor. We designed our facility around the needs of our patients and broadened our expertise by employing only Board Certified and Fellowship trained physicians and therapists from eight medical specialties.

We utilize technologically advanced diagnostic testing and therapeutic equipment, allowing us to provide the most successful state-of-the-art, non-surgical treatments available.

Over the years, countless patients have expressed their disappointment with traditional non-surgical orthopedic care. Patients feel that they have received segmented or incomplete medical care, with limited or no results, despite consulting with many healthcare providers. Often there is minimal communication and collaboration between their doctors or therapists, and some patients report that they were never even given a diagnosis.

Performance Rehabilitation & Regenerative Medicine, located in Watchung, and Green Brook, NJ, solves these problems. It is our desire to instill hope and confidence to our patients so that they can return to an active lifestyle, pain free!

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