Our Values

Performance Rehab Values

Our Vision: To improve the quality of life for our patients by mitigating pain and restoring healthy function.

Our Mission: Optimize the productivity of our clinic to maximize the quality of patient care.


We prioritize our patient’s welfare first by:

  • Offering our patient’s more hope through a diversity of solutions and treatment options.
  • Valuing the integrity of the individual and addressing their physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs.
  • Surpassing the standard care experience by treating our patients with compassion, dignity and respect.

We defer our need for the sake of others by:

  • Considering and treating others as more important than ourselves
  • Doing more than is required.
  • Maintaining a good and positive attitude.

We provide leading edge non-surgical orthopedic solutions by:

  • Always seeking a better solution.
  • Continuously learning.
  • Constantly improving everything that we do.
  • Maximizing our individual and group creativity.

We all work together for better solutions:

  • Always seeking the common good, the common goal and the common approach.
  • Sharing our influence and creating mutual trust.
  • Sharing knowledge and information.
  • Being mutually accountable to one another.

We care for all of our resources and the resources of others:

  • Sustainability and responsible care of all our resources including, Human, Environmental, and Financial
  • Ethical conduct in everything we do.
  • Compliance with the letter and spirit of the law.